crushed rye malt BIO

flour product

Crushed rye malt BIO is used for baking dark bread. It gives the bread dark brown color, improves it's taste, aroma and leaves soft and sweet parts to the bread. It is also used to color all sorts of healthy foods as it is a natural colorant. Crushed rye malt BIO is a valuable source of dietary fiber and contains no additives nor preservatives. It also helps to improve breads shelf-life.

Dosage of the product: Up to 10-25% of flour quantity.

How to use: Preparation of soaking is needed for 1,5 hours. Crushed rye malt should be added into the dough 1 minute before the mixing is completed.

Shelf-life: 12 months

Storage: T=max 30 °C. Rel. humidity max 75%.

product description



Appearancecrushed grain
Aroma and Tastesweet, sour
Ingredientsrye 95%, water 5%
chemical-physical standards
Moisture (%)4,0 - 7,0
Extractivity (%)49 – 65
Ph (10%)4,0 – 4,4
Color EBC
170 - 270

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