sproutgrain buckwheat

grain product
Sproutgrain buckwheat is used for baking rye and/or wheat wholegrain breads and bread-like products. It provides freshness and juiciness, simplifies and reduces the time of the production process. The grains will not ferment during baking process and will not leave any hard bits into the bread.

Dosage of the product: 15-25%, depending on the recipe.

How to use: Preparation or soaking are not needed and the grain is also resistant to dough processing. Can be added directly to the dough at the beginning or in the first part of the production process.

Shelf-life: 30 days

Storage: +2 °C...+6 °C

product description


light brown

Appearancemoist wholegrain
Aroma and Tastejuicy and slightly sour
Ingredientsbuckwheat 57%, water 43%
chemical-physical standards
Moisture (%)49 – 55
Ph5,8 – 6,5
vacuum bags 10kg
Pallet Description
Wooden pallet

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